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Welcome to our web site. We are excited to be on the web with news and information directly related to the Arabian Horse industry. We have published RESULTS for over twenty years at the major Arabian Horse shows in the U.S. and Canada and are now able to bring you the RESULTS from most of the Regional shows and Class A shows as well. We also have all the U. S. National and Canadian National show results from the very beginning in our special section titled The First 39 Years. You will also want to look at our easy to use searchable databases and our special section dedicated to the Egyptian Event.

Why be a part of the RESULTS web site? At the major Arabian Horse shows in this country, RESULTS is there on the spot, getting your message to the thousands of people at the shows. Each night all the RESULTS from the show are posted on our web site in a logical order so the viewer can easily find the classes that interest them and print copies if they choose. Viewers from all over the world view the RESULTS web site to see the current show results and your advertising. Be a part of the fastest growing advertising and marketing campaign in the Arabian Horse industry.

Need help getting on the web? Horse designers do a better job! Our experienced design team can create your web page or a full site at very reasonable rates. If you currently have a stallion card that was printed by RESULTS, it is an easy way to get started on the web. If you don't have a stallion card, visit our services - custom printing section. As you view our site, you will see our services section which explains our different options available.

We welcome your suggestions and comments. Please email us at with your thoughts. Fill out the form on the contact page and join our newsletter to get all the news flashes as they happen. View our site often--it will be constantly updated with fresh information and the latest ideas.

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